Most students enrolling with YMC undertake modules validated by the Universities of Sheffield  or York St John  which contribute towards a qualification in Higher Education. There are two Standard Part Time Programmes, spread over three or four years, designed to be undertaken alongside existing employment or family commitments.

Students not registering for a degree would usually undertake one of these programmes, working towards a YMC Certificate.  Specialised programmes comprising of components from the above, augmented by others designed to prepare students for their specific areas of ministry, can be put in place.

YMC offers a programme for those recommended for Ordained Pioneer Ministry and the Course ethos aims to encourage all ordinands to be pioneering and innovative in mission and ministry.

YMC also offers  a nationally available pathway catering for those who are intending to train full-time and who would benefit from being placed in a pioneering context.

An Intensive Programme, completed in two years, is available for students able to participate in classroom learning during weekdays, as well as on weekday evening and weekends, and who can invest additional time in private study and completion of assignments.

In cases where students possess relevant experience and qualifications, it is often possible for Personalised Programmes, undertaken over two years or, occasionally one year, to be put in place to complete required learning and ministerial formation.

Postgraduate Programmes, again validated by the Universities of Sheffield or York St John , can be co-ordinated for suitably qualified ordinands, as well as for ministers engaged in IME 4-7 or CME.