Intensive Programmes (pre-ordination)

YMC, in association with the College of the Resurrection, is able to offer an Intensive Programme in which all learning and ministerial formation would be completed in two years rather than three.  Students would participate in weeknight and weekend teaching, as well as in the residential components, of standard programmes.  Concurrently, they would undertake further learning through weekday sessions at Mirfield.  It is estimated that an additional 2.5 days per week would be required to complete this option.

INTENSIVE PROGRAMME via the University of Sheffield

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Theological Studies, taught by Yorkshire Ministry Course, College of the Resurrection and  University of Sheffield, on weekdays (60 per year, approx, weekday evenings (30 per year) and Saturday study days (9 per year, 6 of which are residential weekends), plus private study, at centres in Mirfield or York, over two years.  In detail (240 credits: 120 at level 2 + 120 at level 3).

For more details, download the YMC Prospectus 2012-2013 (PDF).